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What are the classes about?
  • Dirt Bike School curriculum provided by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and taught by nationally certified coaches
  • Class develops the mental & physical skills necessary to fully enjoy off-highway motorcycling (dirt riding skills are different from street skills)
  • Class provides hands-on-training with emphasis on safety and skills development
  • Class sizes are small to assure more individual attention for each student.
  • Adult Dirt Bike School (ages 12 and up) classes will include lessons in starting, stopping, turns, clutch control, riding and shifting while standing on pegs, weight shifting for traction, lower body control for turns, surmounting obstacles, turning on hills, U-turns on hills, and traversing hills.
  • Youth Dirt Bike School (ages 6 to 11) classes will include lessons in starting, stopping, turns, clutch control (as applicable), riding and shifting while standing on pegs, weight shifting for traction, lower body control for turns, and surmounting obstacles.
  • Family Dirt Bike School classes are the only class in which we can mix both Youth (ages 6 to 11) and Adult (ages 12 and up) students in the class together.  This class is specifically intended for parents and their children to participate on dirtbikes alongside one another in class.  Lessons included are the same as those above. 

NOTE:  Adult Dirt Bike School is a prerequisite for all students wishing to enroll in the following classes:

  • Trail Riding Basics will build upon the skills you learned in the basic Dirt Bike School class, providing additional guidance and individual coaching in an on-trail setting.
  • Dual Sport Skills will build upon the skills you learned in the basic DirtBike School class, providing additional guidance and individual coaching to improve your confidence and control of your dual-sport motorcycle on gravel and two-track roads.  This course includes guided rides over paved and gravel roads.

NOTE:  Successful completion of both Adult Dirt Bike School and Trail Riding Basics are required for all students prior to enrolling in the following class:

  • Advanced Off-Road Skills will include lessons in advanced off-road techniques with more adverse terrain and surface conditions.
Where are the classes held?
  • While we have access to several sites, our two primary course sites for 2017 are located in the areas near Forest Lake, MN and Henderson, MN.  We do expect to conduct some chartered courses in other locations during the season.
  • Most of our classes are conducted on private property that is not open to public riding.  Detailed directions to the course site are provided to students in the confirmation message we send upon receipt of their payment.
  • Click Events on the upper left navigation bar for our schedule

What is the cost for the class?

  • Class tuition is $145 per person - we operate as a not-for-profit school and do our best to keep our tuition as low as possible.  We've increased our tuition just once in the last 9 years.

Are there rental bikes available?

  • Yes, we do have bikes available to rent for use in Dirt Bike School classes
  • Rental rate is $50 for the day of class
  • Current fleet includes:  Honda CRF230's, XR200's, XR100's, XR80, XR70's (automatic clutch), Yamaha TTR230, and TTR125's
  • Please note:  Students are required to bring their own bike for the following classes: Trail Riding Basics, Dual Sport Skills, Advanced Off-Road Skills

Can I bring my own bike?   Yes, we encourage students to bring their own bike, however it:

  • Must pass an inspection
  • We discourage 2-stroke Motocross and Race bikes because of the low speeds and potential for spark plug fouling
  • The tires on some street oriented dual sport motorcycles will not provide adequate grip in the dirt or mud and are not designed for use at this facility.  Contact us to discuss if you are in doubt.

What to wear (required at all times)

  • Helmet  (DOT or Snell approved)
  • Eye protection
  • Long sleeves
  • Full fingered gloves
  • Long pants
  • Over the ankle footwear

Is riding gear available for rent?

  • Due to the tremendous variety in our students (ranging in age from 6 to 87), we are not able to provide properly fitting personal protective gear for rental.
  • That said, we generally tell our students that the bare essential motorcycle-specific gear you need to have for our class is a helmet and eye protection.
    • For that, we suggest visiting your local motorcycle dealer to obtain a properly fitted helmet.  You can contact us at for more specifics.
  • Beyond the helmet and eye protection, we've had students arrive to class wearing a pair of jeans, high-top basketball shoes, long sleeve t-shirt, and cotton gardening gloves. At the other end of the spectrum, we've had students attend wearing full motocross boots, shin pads, motocross pants, off-road armor padded jackets and armor padded off-road gloves.
  • While we do see many parents choosing to buy their kids a pair of dirt bike gloves that match the color scheme of their helmet, you can often find gloves that will work just fine for less money at your local home improvement or hardware store.
  • Suffice it to say, your daughter and/or son can attend our class wearing a pair of jeans (as long as they are in good condition without holes in the knees), a long sleeve t-shirt or flannel shirt and/or light jacket, full-fingered gloves, and a fairly sturdy pair of over the ankle footwear (like a pair of light hiking boots with reasonably stiff soles).

How long is the class?

  • All of our classes are normally completed in a single day, typically starting at 9:00AM with the exact duration and end time varying by class
  • Youth class around 6 hours
  • All Other classes 7 to 8 hours

 What are the class sizes?

  • Youth Dirt Bike School (Up to 4 students in the class)
    • 6-11 year of age
    • Must be able to:
      • Ride a bicycle
      • Reach and operate the controls
      • Touch both feet to the ground when seated on the bike
  • Adult Dirt Bike School
    • 12+ years of age  (6-8 students  6 students if anyone is under 16,  8 if all are 16 or older)
    • Must be able to:
      • Ride a bicycle
      • Reach and operate the controls

 Is there anything specific about the youth class?

  • A Parent or Adult attends with each participant and is actively involved in the class all day

  What to bring

  • Bag Lunch
  • Water or Gatorade
  • Snacks
  • Raingear and Dry clothes
  • Lawn Chair

Weather Questions - We ride rain or shine (except in lightning) so bring suitable clothing and layers as there may be no shelter available

  • Rain Gear or garbage bags should be brought for increased comfort in case of wet weather.  Bringing rain gear is beneficial for many circumstances.
  • Cold Weather Gear will help to improve your comfort.  Dress in layers for warmth during the cold parts of the day.  In the spring and fall you should dress in layers with a heavy shirt, sweatshirt, and jacket, plus warm gloves and socks.  You can always discard clothing if you are too warm; but being too cold will make it difficult or impossible to do well during on-cycle training.
  • Warm/Hot Weather Gear will help to improve your comfort.  During warm weather you should wear a lightweight long sleeve shirt or jacket, plus a T-shirt.  During the breaks you can take the shirt or jacket off to cool off!  A light colored helmet will also help to keep you cooler.  Remember to bring sunscreen.
  • A change of clothing is recommended.  In the event that your clothing becomes wet, it is a good idea to have dry clothes to put on.

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