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Adult Dirt Bike School (ages 12+):

Spend a day learning basic skills of starting, stopping, turns, and clutch control and advanced skills of riding while standing, weight shifting for traction, lower body control for turns, surmounting obstacles, traversing hills and others.
Offered:  May – October

Youth Dirt Bike School:

Dirt Bike School for youth 6 to 11 years of age. Parents actively participate in the training – we teach you how to support your kids in learning to ride.
Offered:  May – October

Family Dirt Bike School:

Dirt Bike School for the whole family with everyone on motorcycles learning together! Contact us for more details.
Offered:  May – October


Rental Bikes:

DirtBike Tech has off-road motorcycles in a variety of sizes available to rent for use in the above Dirt Bike School courses.

After completing Adult Dirt Bike School, you might consider the following classes:

Trail Riding Basics:

This course was developed by DirtBike Tech as the next step after you’ve completed Dirt Bike School.  This course is a day of learning on the trails with more challenging terrain for advanced skills development.
Offered by demand.

Dual Sport Skills:

This course was developed by DirtBike Tech to build upon the skills learned in Dirt Bike School, providing additional guidance and individual coaching to improve your confidence and control of your dual-sport motorcycle on gravel and two-track roads.  Ride beyond where the pavement ends with confidence.
Offered by demand.

Advanced Off-Road Skills:

This course was developed by DirtBike Tech specifically for those that have mastered the skills taught in Trail Riding Basics.  Gain the confidence to enjoy a whole new world of riding experiences.
Offered by demand.

NOTE:  Students are required to bring their own bike for the above classes.

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